USF faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and passion to their instruction, bolstered by hands-on industry experience. They are dedicated to ensuring students become engaged in forward-focused learning, which will lead them down a fulfilling career path. At our Spring Street campus and USF Downtown, and USF Crown Point, faculty members are able to walk alongside students as they embark on their way to becoming leaders, innovators and positive influences in their professional careers and everyday lives.

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Bechill, Michael

Assistant Professor of Biology; Achatz Facility Liasion
ext. 8208

Michael Bechill

Bequette, John

Associate Professor of Theology

John Bequette

Bowers, Kim

Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of English, History and Political Science

Kim Bowers

Brinkman, John

Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Coordinator of the Division of Psychology and Counseling
ext. 8425

John Brinkman

Bugajski, Ken

Associate Professor of English; Director of the John Duns Scotus Honors Program

Ken Bugajski

Calvert, Jeanne

Associate Professor of Biology
ext. 8207

Carrigan-Smith, Amy

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Amy Carrigan-Smith

Cutter, Weston

Assistant Professor of English

Daniel, Rolf

Professor of Psychology and Counseling
ext. 8403

Rolf Daniel

Deville, Adam

Department Chair; Program Director, Master of Arts in Theology; Associate Professor of Theology

Adam Deville

Dorsett, Sr. Felicity

Assistant Professor of Theology

Sr. Felicity Dorsett

Elick, Jean

Associate Professor of Chemistry
ext. 8221

Jean Elick

Ellisen, Mitchell

Mitchell Ellisen

Mitch Ellisen

Gernhardt, Phyllis

Associate Professor of History
ext. 8130

Geyer, Andrea

Associate Professor of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Chemistry
ext. 8225

Heller, Monica

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Director of Undergraduate Psychology
ext. 8424

Monica Heller

Hopf, Matt

Associate Professor and Chair, Kinesiology & Nutrition
ext. 8226

Matt Hopf

Jackisch, Barry

Associate Professor of History; Director of History
ext. 8131

Jeffries, Heather

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology; Director of Criminal Justice and Criminology
ext. 8107

Heather Jeffries

Jylland-Halverson, Carl

Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program
ext. 8421

Carl Jylland-Halverson

Krecek, Sr. Jacinta

Assistant Professor of Theology

Sr. Jacinta Krecek

Kutsenok, Victor

Professor of Mathematics
ext. 8237

Lautzenheiser, Emily

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling; School Accreditation Coordinator
ext. 8104

Levan, Michael

Assistant Professor of English; Interim Director of Writing

Maldonado, Jenny

Assistant Professor Biology and Environmental Science
ext. 8209

Jenny Maldonado

Martynowicz, Michael

Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Field Director of Psychology and Counseling; Director of MS in Psychology Program
ext. 8428

McBrady, Jared

Assistant Professor of Education
ext. 8426

Jared McBrady

McCon, Maureen

Licensing Advisor, Unit Assessment Coordinator
ext. 8415

Maureen McCon

Meyers, Sister M. Carol

Professor of Chemistry; Chemical Hygiene Officer
ext. 8223

Sr. Carol Meyers

Miller, Richard

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
ext 8228

Richard Miller

Moellering, Beverly

Assistant Professor of Nutrition
ext. 6235

Beverly Moellering

Mullins, David

Professor of Sociology and Social Justice; Director of Sociology and Social Justice Program
ext. 8133

Nelson, Kerry

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
ext. 6232

Kerry Nelson

Oberley, Juanita

Assistant Professor of Education
ext. 8427

Juanita Oberley

Obringer, Amy

Professor of Biology, Director, Pre-Med Program

Amy Obringer

Pearson, Lewis

Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Lewis Pearson

Powers, Valerie

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Nutrition
ext. 6239

Pryor, Warren

Assistant Professor of Biology
ext. 8212

Warren Pryor

Rao, Padma

Instructor of Chemistry

Riepenhoff, Mary

Assistant Professor; Education Department Chair
ext. 8409

Mary Riepenhoff

Roberts, Dennis

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
ext 8232

Schmidt, Paul

Associate Professor of Physics
ext. 8220

Paul Schmidt

Schneider, Thomas

Associate Professor of Political Science
ext. 8125

Thomas Schneider

Straub, Brittany

Assistant Professor of Education
ext. 8119

Torlone, Dan

Professor; Director of Field Experiences, Director of MAT
ext. 8408

Dan Torlone

Villlanueva, Alfredo

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
ext 8235

Voors, Diana


Wargo, Vincent

Program Coordinator, Liberal Studies; Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Vincent Wargo

Weber, Louise

Professor of Biology; Assistant Chair of the Department of Biology, Director of Environmental Science
ext. 8213

Louise Weber

Wemhoff, Gregory

Assistant Professor of Biology
ext. 8206

Gregory Wemhoff