Dr. Ken Bugajski

Professor of English, Director of the John Duns Scotus Honors Program


I love stories. The creative act of storytelling informs who we are, and stories help me to understand others, myself, and the world in which we live. I’m particularly interested in autobiography and life writing because they are stories of the self, which is to say that the writer of autobiography creates himself or herself through narrative. Studying the stories of others helps us tell our own, and in telling the story of the self, an individual creates a narrative for his or her life. Stories—particularly the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves—are the means by which we create our identity.

Areas of Interest

  • British Literature, 19th Century and Modernism
  • Autobiography and Life Writing
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Literature and Film
  • William Shakespeare
  • Joanna Baillie
  • Virginia Woolf


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