Beverly Moellering, MS RD LD

Director of Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Assistant Professor of Nutrition


The challenge I present to students are the three E’s: engage in your academic experience, explore opportunities in your community, and elevate your personal commitment.  By incorporating these into the classroom as well as time spent with students outside of the classroom it is hoped they will flourish in their future nutrition and health promotion careers.

Areas of Interest

  • Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nutrition Education
  • Children, Adolescent, and Adult Weight Management
  • Wellness & Nutrition Management
  • Mindful Eating

Selected Presentations

  • Using Your Feet, Fork, & Fingers Wisely
  • Cultivating Meal Planning
  • Meal Planning 101
  • Supplement Use for Runners
  • Food, Fuel, & Fantasy
  • Nutrition Myths
  • Brain Gut Connection

Course Taught

  • NTRN 215 Nutrition 
  • NTRN 250 Food Science
  • NTRN 275 Lifespan Nutrition
  • NTRN 364 Community Nutrition
  • NTRN 390 Medical Nutrition Therapy 
  • NTRN 472 Community Nutrition Practicum 
  • NTRN 480 Special Interest Practicum
  • NTRN 395 Food Service Practicum I
  • NTRN 400 Food Service Practicum II
  • NTRN 410 Medical Nutrition Therapy Practicum I
  • NTRN 415 Medical Nutrition Therapy Seminar
  • NTRN 420 Medical Nutrition Therapy Practicum II
  • PHES 470 Health Promotion Capstone
Beverly Moellering