Dr. Amy Obringer

Professor of Biology


Dr. Obringer received her PhD from Wright State University where she conducted research on a medical condition that leads to pregnancy loss due to an error of the immune system.  She completed her post-doctoral work at the Cincinnati Zoo Center for the Research of Endangered Wildlife and has several publications on topics such as reproductive strategies in endangered amphibians and immunological differences in rhinoceros species.  Currently she serves as the academic advisor for pre-medical and pre-veterinary students.  Dr. Obringer conducts medical and veterinary mission trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  She also advises a student group that raises money to support the residential, nutritional, and medical needs of an orphanage in Haiti.  Current projects include educating women in these countries about breast cancer and making mammography more accessible for them.  Dr. Obringer’s work in low income countries has been featured in several news stories and has received several small grants, many of which have been co-authored by students.

Areas of Interest

  • Human anatomy and pathologies
  • Strategies employed by pathogens to evade the immune system
  • Medical and veterinary mission work in low income countries
  • Entomology