Patricia Rinker

Instructor, Nursing


I have been a Registered Nurse for 41 years.  I have worked at the bedside for 33 years in Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units.  I was a travel nurse for 7 of those 33 years and enjoyed seeing the United States of America from coast to coast.  I was the Manager of Parkview Allen County Emergency Departments for 15 years and did charge nurse for 6 years prior to that.  I like to be a leader in “intense” situations.  I have received the Values in Action award at the University of Saint Francis (USF).  I have been at USF for 9 years and I have enjoyed teaching students the art and science of nursing.  I am passionate about making sure students understand the patient needs and that they work to meeting those needs to provide the best outcome for each patient.  I am active in the community by being a caregiver to those in my church and family  and also by playing the piano for Sunday morning services in my church in Fort Wayne as well as the church I grew up in over in Ohio on weekends when I visit my family there.

Areas of Interest

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Education of Adult Students
  • Clinical Liaison with area clinical partners

Selected Presentations

  • New Hire orientation at the beginning of each semester for the past 3 years while serving as the Undergraduate Clinical Director
  • Math Boot Camp for all ASN and BSN students at the beginning of each semester 
  • Presented with Group at Fort Wayne Teaching Conference regarding Caring and Thriving in Helping Professions strategies in  Active Communication(Relationship Moment) and  STOP (Resiliency Mantra) to achieve the goals of Mindfulness and Anxiety Reduction
Patricia Rinker