Dr. Matt Breece

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Matt Breece is a bioinorganic chemist who recently joined the science faculty, having previously taught at Miami University, Elmhurst University, and Henderson State University. His research is focused on exploring the role of metals in biology including metalloenzymes and polymer degradation. In the classroom, he focuses on showing connections between chemistry and other disciplines and the incorporation of 3D printed models to give students a physical connection to abstract ideas.

Areas of Interest

  • Role of Metal in Biochemistry
  • Biopolymer Degradation
  • Spectroscopic Analysis
  • 3D Printing as an Educational Tool

Selected Publications

Breece, RM.; Llarrull. LL.; Tioni, MF.; Vila, AJ.; Tierney, DL. X-ray absorption spectroscopy of metal site speciation in the metallo-β-lactamase BcII from Bacillus cereus. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2012) 111, 182-186..

Breece, RM.; Hu, Z; Bennett, B; Crowder, MW; Tierney, DL, Motion of the Zinc Ions in Catalysis by a Dizinc Metallo-β-Lactamase. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131(33), 11642-3.

Breece, RM; Costello, A; Bennett, B; Sigdel, TK; Matthews, ML; Tierney, DL; Crowder, MW. A Five-coordinate Metal Center in Co(II)-substituted VanX. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2005), 280(12), 11074-81. 

Dr. Matt Breece