Cara Lee Wade

Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging


Born in Oklahoma but calling Georgia home, Cara Lee Wade’s military father took the family to places far and wide, igniting her interest in diverse subjects.  A confirmed nerd, during her academic career she majored in many things, Musical Theatre to Archaeology, ultimately receiving undergraduate degrees in Education and English.  Cara’s first photo class was a fluke. From her first experience in the darkroom, her world was changed. She immediately shifted towards a future in photography.

Cara believes that all Art derives from the self – personal experiences, reactions of the heart, and/or the dark and light places in the mind.  Everything an artist creates can be traced back to a profound experience.  

As a practicing artist, Cara continues to exhibit regionally, nationally, and internationally, recently at the Cleveland Print Room, Cleveland, Ohio, Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, Kansas, Decode Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, and ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Areas of Interest

  • Analog Photography
  • Alternative Photographic Processes
  • Digital Photography
  • Darkroom Experimentation
  • Conceptual Art
  • Creative Photography
  • Photoshop/Digital Imaging
  • Photography History
  • Documentary Storytelling

Selected Publications

2022      Selected Artist, Aeonian Magazine, Issue 6, January 2022, cover and pages 29 and 30.

2019      The Hand Magazine, Issue 23, January 2019, page 34.

2018      Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, Third Edition by Bob Hirsch, Focal Press, Page 11.

Pique Arts and Culture Magazine, Featured Article, Issue 3, Spring 2018, pages 25-26.

2017      JR: Inside Out, by JR Art, Rizzoli Press, page 78-79.

2013      f-Stop Magazine, Juxtaposition Group Exhibition, Issue 57, February-March 2013.

2012      Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, Second Edition by Bob Hirsch, Focal Press, Page 14.

2011      Elements of Photography, Second Edition by Angela Faris-Belt, Focal Press, Pages 250-251.

2010      American Photo, ‘On the Wall’, July/August 2010, page 30.

f-Stop Magazine, Group Show, Issue #39, February 2010.

2009      Art Calendar Magazine, Contributing Writer, Volume 23, Number 7, July/August, page 6.

2008      Elements of Photography by Angela Faris, Focal Press, Pages 296-299. 

2006      Fort Wayne Woman Magazine, ‘To Inspire the Female Artist’, profile with photographs, March/April 2006, V2.2, (47-48).

2002      Black and White Photography Magazine, Reader’s Gallery, Issue 16, December 2002, 18-19.

CYMK Magazine, Issue 17, February 2002, 34.

Selected Presentations

2022      WE: Women’s Caucus Panel Discussion, Society for Photographic Education, Midwest Regional Conference, Cincinnati, OH

2018      Service Learning: Sensing Beauty, a Co-curricular Multisensory Art Experience (co-presenter, Kristin Miller), 8th Annual Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Oxford, OH

2017      Photography and the 2D AP Portfolio (co-presenter Phyllis Burstein, Walter Peyton College Prep High School), NAEA National Conference, New York, New York

2016      Panel Discussion of Female Artists, Women’s Caucus, NAEA National Conference, Chicago, IL

2014      Faculty Motivated Change, National Academic Advising Association Midwest Regional Conference, Madison, WI

2013      Making Progress: Moving from Theoretical Training to Practical, One Institutions’ Implementation of the Title III Grant, National Academic Advising Association Midwest Regional Conference, Kalamazoo, MI

Cara Lee Wade