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Values in Action

Educational and Franciscan Values

For Saint Francis, value has two meanings: The value of your education and the Franciscan values we embed in everything we do. Together, these two sets of values make something truly special. An education that provides a clear career path with outcomes we take pride in and students that go on to build lives of meaning and impact.

From Values to Vision

What does it look and feel like to get an education at the University of Saint Francis?

Your Journey, Your Community, Your Education

Our emphasis on smaller class sizes and a close-knit campus community ensures you receive personalized attention from our dedicated faculty and staff. This fosters a supportive learning environment where meaningful connections between students and educators are not just encouraged; they are integral to your success.

Success Starts Here

Dedicated to your success, the University of Saint Francis offers more than an education; it provides a pathway to a thriving future. Our commitment manifests in programs and services designed to ensure your success—career services, internship opportunities, and academic support. Your triumph is our triumph.

Rooted in Values

In a world of higher education, the University of Saint Francis stands out for its emphasis on values-driven learning. That means education is more than lectures and textbooks; it’s a journey infused with Franciscan traditions. Immerse yourself in an environment that cherishes values like service, compassion, and respect for every individual’s unique dignity. Our distinctive approach creates a holistic learning space where character development is as essential as academic achievement.

We believe in molding ethical leaders with a profound commitment to values. Experience an education that not only expands your knowledge but also shapes your character.

Engage Beyond the Classroom Walls

We define ourselves by action. Our commitment to community service and engagement is not just a statement—it’s a way of life. Join fellow students in impactful service projects and mission trips, embodying our dedication to creating a positive footprint beyond our campus. At the University of Saint Francis, your education extends far beyond the classroom.

Unleash Your Potential with Diverse Experiences

Explore the richness of education beyond textbooks. With almost 50 clubs, societies, leagues, and associations, your journey at the University of Saint Francis is tailored to your interests. These diverse experiences aren’t just extracurricular—they’re the essence of a well-rounded education, fostering a sense of community that lasts a lifetime.

Join a Network that Lasts a Lifetime

Become part of something bigger. Our strong and engaged alumni community is more than a network; it’s a support system. Experience endless opportunities for networking, mentorship, and ongoing support as you navigate your career. At the University of Saint Francis, your journey doesn’t end at graduation; it evolves with a community that’s always by your side.

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