Dr. David Johnson

Professor of Nursing


Passionate about teaching since 1986, I have taught in our ASN, RN-BSN, BSN, MSN, DNP, Online and hybrid tracks.  I appreciate integrating clinical experiences with students within nursing as well as the College of Health Sciences, and the University at large.  As an advanced practice nurse and therapist (CNS was the precursor to the Nurse Practitioner role), my focus clinically includes psychological trauma, family therapy, anxiety, stress , holistic care, mindfulness, and contemplative practices.  Involvement in a faith community as an Associate of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ is important to me.  While serving in leadership and consultive roles within many community organizations and foundations, I am blessed to look into the eyes of many.  The focus of scholarship is resiliency and culture building within the marginalized community.  As a husband, father of six, grandfather  of 14, and psychotherapist nurse, I appreciate weaving stories and anecdotes that reveal the nature of stress in juggling work and family and strategies for maintaining one’s sense of humor and perspective. Being present, finding goodness, and sharing stories that animate the Gospel teaching of Jesus is my call.

Areas of Interest

  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist Adult Mental Health Nursing
  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Licensed Marriage and family therapist
  • Holistic health nurse (board certified)
  • Internationally certified mindfulness teacher (professional)
  • Associate Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ 

Selected Publications

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  • Johnson, D. (2019). Spirituality, Faith, Hope & Healing.  Fort Wayne Medicine Quarterly.  
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