Jenny Maldonado, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Biology<br>Clinical Lab Science Program Director


I teach a field studies course in the Spring, which leads to an epic 11–12-day camping trip outside of Indiana, I really enjoy teaching that class and experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors with students on the trip.  Along the way, we build a community of friendship and camaraderie while learning about the natural spaces we are visiting.  I love to see the personal growth of the students that participate in this course, and I love to take students out of the classroom and sometimes out of their comfort zones so that they can grow as people.  In the classroom, I especially like teaching Microbiology labs where students learn all about microbes, especially bacteria, how to keep bacteria from contamination and how to maintain aseptic techniques, especially since most of the students taking the course will be pursuing careers in the medical field.

Areas of Interest

  • Microbiology
  • Environmental Science
  • Public Health
  • Field Studies


Dissertation: “Cadmium Exposure Via Airbrush Painting in a University Setting”   April 2010

Jenny Maldonado M.S.