Dr. Gregory Wemhoff

Associate Professor of Biology


As an extension of my interest in immunology and cancer, I have an interest in investigating and expanding what is known regarding the role played by microRNAs in the generation of an effective immune response to cells which have become oncogenic. Additionally, I enjoy mentoring students to introduce them to basic research and establishing skills such as performing cell-based assays and learning aseptic technique.  

As an instructor, my teaching philosophy and approach strive to raise students to a higher level of performance. I am primarily a facilitator and I look at this role in this way: Like many of us, I enjoy video games. I also enjoy football. So it may not be so surprising that I would acquire Madden Football.  It comes with a very detailed manual, page after page of everything you need to know to utilize every aspect of the game. When I first acquired the game, I read the manual, beginning to end. However, when I sat down to play my son the first time (an experienced Madden fan), I turned to him to ask “how do you pass?” – he was my facilitator. With his insight I was an active participant much faster than I would have been if left to myself.  It is my goal to get my students participating in their areas of interest as quickly as possible.

Areas of Interest

  • Immunology
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics


  • Ligand-Labeled Conjugates which Contain Polyoxyanions of Sulfur orPhosphorous.  Patent No. 5,106,762.
  • Flow Immunosensor Method and Apparatus.  Patent No. 5,183,740.
  • Flow Immunosensor Apparatus. Patent No. 6,245,296.


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Selected Presentations

  • H. C. Paraiso, P-C. Kuo, J-H Yen, G. A. Wemhoff, R. D. Sweazey, F-L Chang, I-C Yu. Dimethyl fumarate modulates pro-inflammatory microglia activation via the nuclear-erythroid factor 2- independent and -dependent pathways. Neuroscience 2016. November 12-16, 2016, San Diego, CA
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