Dr. Godwin Haruna

Instructional Designer


Born and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Haruna graduated from Ohio University, Athens, where he earned his master’s degree in communication and development. He enrolled in the instructional technology doctoral program at Ohio University, which he successfully completed in 2020. The instructional technology program requires a great deal of self-motivation and independent work, both in a team setting and as an individual. He had advanced training in instructional design theories, adult learning frameworks, and cognitive science. The experience from that robust hands-on training environment has come in handy in his present role supporting faculty to design highly engaging class activities for student success. His unique dissertation study on the medical uses of an innovative communication model relying on mobile text messaging has great practical utility for healthcare delivery. The results of this innovative study, which won the Patton College Research Grant Award, have been presented at many public forums.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Haruna’s interests include research and dissemination of the latest pedagogical and learning technologies to support faculty in their teaching. Also, course development, review, editing, writing, and class observation for faculty are other areas that feed his passion at Saint Francis.

Selected Publication

Dissertation: Mobile text messaging as facilitator of maternal and child healthcare.

  • The state of instructional technology in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial Africa: A survey of literature published in the Journal of Comparative Studies and International Education (JCSIE, 2020)

Selected Presentation

Leveraging campus resources for student success (Co-presented at the 2022 Fort Wayne Teaching and Learning Conference)