Dr. Nathalie Rouamba

Director of Teaching and Learning Services, Academic Affairs


Dr. Rouamba is the director of Teaching and Learning Services (TLS). Over the past years, she created new academic support resources for faculty and adjuncts to advance excellence in teaching, such as faculty development, book clubs, classroom observation, and faculty fellow programming. Under her direction, TLS has become a hub of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. She engages in the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) conversation around educational technology, accessibility, evidence-based practices in online assessment, and OER and seeks new ways to continue to support Saint Francis faculty and students. Dr. Rouamba enjoys writing children’s books, short stories, and poems during her spare time. 

Selected Publications

  • Douglas, J., Powell, D., & Rouamba, N. H. (2016). Assessing graduate teaching assistants’ beliefs and Practices. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 27(3), 35-61.

Selected Presentations

  • Porter, P., Peterson, D., Fleig-Palmer, M., & Rouamba. N. (2021, February). Preparing Students for a Diverse World: It Starts with You [Presentation]. Fort Wayne Teaching and Learning Conference, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • Kuznetsova, N., & Rouamba, N. (2017, February). FL academic writing anxiety and how to cope with it [Poster]. Poster accepted at the Tenth International Conference on Language Teacher Education, University of California, Los Angeles. 
  • Rouamba, G., & Rouamba, N. (2016, November). Using videos as an alternative to traditional assessment to enhance student learning and engagement in large classrooms [Presentation]. Online Learning Consortium Accelerate, Orlando, Florida. 
Dr. Nathalie Rouamba