USF faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and passion to their instruction, bolstered by hands-on industry experience. They are dedicated to ensuring students become engaged in forward-focused learning, which will lead them down a fulfilling career path. At our Spring Street campus and USF Downtown, and USF Crown Point, faculty members are able to walk alongside students as they embark on their way to becoming leaders, innovators and positive influences in their professional careers and everyday lives.

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Arnold, Lorene

Associate Professor
ext. 8505

Lorene Arnold

Bechill, Michael

Assistant Professor of Biology; Achatz Facility Liasion
ext. 8208

Michael Bechill

Benz, Amanda

ext. 8571

Amanda Benz

Bequette, John

Associate Professor of Theology

John Bequette

Bisking, Robert

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Virtual Campus Business Programs

Robert Bisking

Bowers, Kim

Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of English, History and Political Science

Kim Bowers

Brinkman, John

Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Coordinator of the Division of Psychology and Counseling
ext. 8425

John Brinkman

Bugajski, Ken

Associate Professor of English; Director of the John Duns Scotus Honors Program

Ken Bugajski

Buttram, Clifford

Director of the MBA, Assistant Professor of Management

Clifford Buttram

Calvert, Jeanne

Associate Professor of Biology
ext. 8207

Camara, Esperanca

Associate Professor in Art History
ext. 8017

Esperanca Camara

Carlin, Christopher

Program Director; Assistant Professor
ext. 8560

Christopher Carlin

Carlin, Cynthia

ext. 8519

Cynthia Carlin

Carlson, Eric

Program Director for Studio Art; Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Ceramics
ext. 8029

Eric Carlson

Carrigan-Smith, Amy

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Amy Carrigan-Smith

Chairse, Tareylon

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Tareylon Chairse

Clark, Wendy

Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing
ext. 8534

Wendy Clark

Clarke, Eve-Lynn

Assistant Professor of Risk Management and Insurance
ext. 8315

Eve-Lynn Clarke

Crane, Jeffrey


Jeffrey Crane

Cutter, Weston

Assistant Professor of English

Daniel, Rolf

Professor of Psychology and Counseling
ext. 8403

Rolf Daniel

Dapkis, Robin

Instructor of Nursing

Robin Dapkis

Deininger, Rita

Program Director, Associate of Science in Nursing; Assistant Professor
ext. 8553

Rita Deininger

Deskins, Lisa

Adjunct Instructor

Deville, Adam

Department Chair; Program Director, Master of Arts in Theology; Associate Professor of Theology

Adam Deville

DeYoung, Margaret

Director of the Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Margaret DeYoung

Dixie, Cherise

Adjunct Instructor

Dorsett, Sr. Felicity

Assistant Professor of Theology

Sr. Felicity Dorsett

Easley, Jeffrey

Assistant Professor
ext. 8504

Jeffrey Easley

Elick, Jean

Associate Professor of Chemistry
ext. 8221

Jean Elick

Ellisen, Mitchell

Mitchell Ellisen

Mitch Ellisen

Engel, Carrie

Instructor of Surgical Technology; Clinical Coordinator

Carrie Engel

Everetts, Mark

Assistant Professor of Music Technology, Studio Manager
ext. 8025

Mark Everetts

Fairbanks, Joshua

Clinical Co-Cordinator; Instructor
ext. 8511

Fisher, Marquessa

Anesthesia Program Director and Associate Professor
ext. 8557

Marquessa Fisher

Franke, Amanda

Clinical Instructor of Surgical Technology

Fransen, Mark

Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education
ext. 8548

Mark Fransen

Fulwider, Miles

Assistant Professor of Music Technology; Program Director Music Technology; Chair, Department of Music

Miles Fulwider

Gardner, Julie

Director of the Medical Laboratory Technician & Phlebotomy Programs, Assistant Professor of Biology

Julie Gardner

Gernhardt, Phyllis

Associate Professor of History
ext. 8130

Geyer, Andrea

Associate Professor of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Chemistry
ext. 8225

Gilson, Rachel

ext. 8549

Rachel Gilson

Glassburn, Allen

Adjunct Faculty

Allen Glasburn

Gomez-Manns, Elizabeth Ann

Instructor of Nursing

Elizabeth Gomez Manns

Gradeless, Whitney

ext. 8583

Graham, Keith

Professor, Emeritus Faculty

Keith Graham

Gratton, Matthew

Adjunct Instructor

Matthew Gratton

Greulich, Carol

Assistant Professor
ext. 8516

Carol Greulich

Hammond, Renee

ext. 8584

Renee Hammond

Harrell, Angela

Director of the MHA Program, Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration, Department of Virtual Campus Business Programs, Adjunt Instructor for Radiologic Technology
ext. 8309

Angela Harrell