Welcome weekend ballon release in front of the Saint Francis Statue.

Campus Life

At USF, we seek to help first year students transition to the many aspects of USF life—academic, social, cultural and spiritual—throughout their First Year Experience (FYE).

Through a combination of courses, programs, and events, you’ll:

  • Develop the academic skills needed for university-level work
  • Learn the foundational content and method of your major
  • Understand USF’s Franciscan values and how they apply to contemporary society
  • Connect to USF resources
  • Participate in leadership and community service activities
  • Come to know faculty, staff, and so many other students!

FYE Core Programs & Components

  • Orientation and Welcome: As students prepare for their first semester at USF, they will be guided through Orientation and Welcome through the Office of First Year Experience. Incoming students will receive email communication, complete online modules and participate in on-campus events like Advising & Registration Day and Welcome Weekend.
  • First Year Seminar, Engage, is an introductory course to university studies that all students take in their first year.
  • The First Year Advising Program challenges and supports first-year students in making a successful transition to the college, feeling connected to and engaged with USF programs and resources, and in achieving academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • Orientation and Welcome Leaders are student leaders who are trained to host events for and build relationships with first-year students in order to assist in their transition to USF.

As a result of your FYE, you’ll gain

  • Insight through information, especially the resources, services, and technology needed
  • New friendships with students and mentoring relationships with faculty and staff
  • Ownership over your experience, the kind that comes with confidence and support
  • The potential to transform as you grow through your USF experience
*The FYE program is designed for undergraduate students on our Fort Wayne campus.