Game and Application Development (BS)

Develop apps. Create worlds. Build a career.

Available as
Bachelor of Science
4 years
Fort Wayne
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Why Become a Software Programmer or Game and App Developer?

U.S. News and World Report named software developer as the #1 job in America for 2020. If you consider all of the apps you use on a daily basis, it’s clear why software and web developers are needed in nearly every industry, from consumer brands and banking to healthcare and hospitality.


Best Job in America: Software Developer

100 Best Jobs in America, U.S. News & World Report, 2020


Expected increase in demand for Software Developers through 2031


Median salary for Software Developers

Why Study Game Application and Development at Saint Francis?

The University of Saint Francis is known for offering practical degree programs that align with current market demands. Today, software development — and, more specifically, games and mobile apps — is an area exploding with opportunity.

Saint Francis’ Game and Application Development degree combines our strengths in computer science and technology with our rich, liberal arts tradition. The result is a high-quality, highly relevant program focused on creative interactive software.

Our well-rounded, innovative curriculum starts with an overview of operating systems and programming languages. In Game Theory, you’ll explore the mathematical foundations of games and logic puzzles. Then, with each new level you clear (or, rather, class you take), you’ll gain knowledge in areas like:

  • 2-D and 3-D animation
  • Concept design
  • Data analytics
  • Dynamic web content
  • Game development
  • Game engine programming
  • Modeling and texturing for games
  • Multimedia law and ethics
  • User interfaces
  • Visual development
    Security and privacy

As you learn game development, you’ll also explore:

  • Player data storage
  • Multiplayer environments
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Cooperative and non-cooperative games
  • Zero-sum and non-zero-sum games

Real-World Learning Opportunities

Software development is a hands-on discipline, but your learning will extend beyond the campus computer labs:

Campus Collaborations

Consider it a cooperative game. You’ll collaborate with your peers from animation, digital media, music technology and other majors on projects.

Internships & Practicum Experiences

Beta testing, but for your career. Saint Francis internships connect you with companies where you can hone your skills alongside programmers, designers and other members of product teams.

Research & Capstone Projects

Pursue independent, faculty-mentored research in a gaming or development topic you’re passionate about or use your capstone project to find a solution to a real-world challenge.

Faculty and Facilities

You will learn from seasoned programmers and tech-savvy business professionals, such as program director Rick Miller, who brings decades of computer and IT experience to Saint Francis. He’s also active in the community, serving on the board of Star 88.3, a local Christian radio station.

Dedicated Computer Science Lab

Explore advanced topics and tackle hands-on projects in a dedicated computer lab with industry-standard programs and equipment, including:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Unity Engine
  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset
  • Windows and Linux operating system

Career Opportunities: Game and App Development Jobs

Whether your dream is to land a video game developer job or find a UX design position with a new start-up — or you whether you want to work independently or on a team — Saint Francis will prepare you for a variety of creative and technical roles, such as:

  • 3-D modeler
  • Business analyst
  • Character artist
  • Concept artists
  • Game animator
  • Game designer
  • Software developer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Quality assurance technician
  • Programmer analyst
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Technical writer
  • Texture artists
  • Sales engineer
  • Web developer
  • Trainer

As you gain experience or as your company grows, you could find opportunities for advancement, such as product manager, team lead or department manager.

Where You’ll Find Our Graduates

Saint Francis students with an interest in game design and software development take their skills, talent and imagination to roles such as:

  • Junior modeler, Aechelon Technology
  • Multimedia designer, Ruoff Home Mortgage
  • Product designer, Assurant
  • Product designer, GrubHub
  • Senior software developer, Q2ebanking
  • Software engineer, Allied Payment Network
  • Staff UX designer, Qualcomm
  • UI/UX (front-end) developer, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
  • Worldbuilder (lead environment artist), Tripwire Interactive LLC

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