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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides an alternate way to earn college credit — through standardized national exams that assess the knowledge and skills taught in college-level courses. There are more than 30 CLEP exams available, and they are regularly administered at local sites.

If you take a CLEP exam, request that official scores be sent to:

University of Saint Francis: Institution Code 1693

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Sample tests, study guides, application forms, and general information are available at the College Board.

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Exam Subjects, Saint Francis Course Equivalents, Credits Earned, & Scores

Subject ExaminationsSaint Francis EquivalentCreditsScore
History and Social Science
American GovernmentPOLI 102: American Government and Politics350
History of the United States IHIST 105: U.S. History I350
History of the United States IIHIST 106: U.S. History II350
Introduction of Educational PsychologyElective350
Introductory PsychologyPSYC 121: General Psychology350
Hum Growth/DevelopmentPSYC 232: Human Growth/Development350
Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 207: Macroeconomic Theory350
Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 208: Microeconomic Theory350
Introductory SociologySOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology350
Social Sciences and HistoryElective650
Western Civilization IElective350
Western Civilization IIElective350
Foreign Languages
French Language–Level 1FREN 131/132: Elementary French I/II650
French Language–Level 2FREN 131/132: Elementary French I/II; 231: Intermediate French I959
German Language–Level 1GERM 141/142: Elementary German I/II650
German Language–Level 2GERM 141/142: Elementary German I/II; 241: Intermediate German I960
Spanish Language–Level 1SPAN 171/172: Elementary Spanish I/II650
Spanish Language–Level 2SPAN 171/172/173: Elementary Spanish I/II/III963
Composition and Literature
American LiteratureENGL 243: Literature of the United States359
Analyzing and Interpreting LiteratureENGL 206: Literary Interpretation359
College CompositionENGL 101: Rhetoric & Composition360
English LiteratureENGL 251:British Literature to 1785359
Science and Mathematics
CalculusMATH 223: Calculus I450
ChemistryCHEM 121: Introductory Chemistry350-64
CHEM 141: Principles of Chemistry I465-69
CHEM 141/142: Principles of Chemistry I & II870+
College MathematicsMATH 130: Foundations of Mathematics650
College AlgebraMATH 131: College Algebra350
PrecalculusMATH 133: Algebra and Trigonometry350
Natural SciencesElective650
Principles of ManagementMGMT 230: Principles of Management350
Financial AccountingACCT 106: Intro to Financial Accounting350
Information SystemsCSCI 102: Intro to Computer Systems350
Introductory Business LawBUS 270: Business Law350
Principles of MarketingMKT 281: Introductory to Marketing350

Excelsior College Examinations

Excelsior provides the learner the opportunity to demonstrate college-level learning by taking nationally standardized examinations that assess the knowledge and skills taught in college-level courses. You must register for exams through Excelsior, but they are administered at an independent testing site throughout the year.

If you take an Excelsior exam, request that official scores be sent to:

University of Saint Francis: Institution Code 1693

If the score is acceptable, the appropriate college credit will be awarded.

Subject ExaminationsSaint Francis EquivalentCreditsScore
Arts and Sciences:
English CompositionENGL 101: Rhetoric & Composition & ENGL 104: Rhetoric of Inquiry6C
Ethics: Theory and PracticePHIL 123 Ethical Foundation3C
Abnormal PsychologyPSYC 325: Abnormal Psychology3C
American DreamElective6C
Lifespan Developmental PsychologyPSYC 232: Human Growth Development3C
Social PsychologyPSYC 441: Social Psychology3C
Introduction to MusicMUSC 131: Music Appreciation3C
Human Resource ManagementMGMT 333: Human Resource Management3C
Labor RelationsBUS 330: Labor Relations3C
Organizational BehaviorMGMT 433: Organizational Behavior3C

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