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Working Here

The Saint Francis Community

The University of Saint Francis provides an exemplary academic experience for students and joyful service for our community’s constituents. The outcome of our collective behaviors has become “The Saint Francis Way.”

Further, articulating our cultural behaviors in relation to our Franciscan values strengthens our ability to educate and serve while helping the university differentiate itself as a quality organization. To that end, we have created mission-driven standards for service quality at Saint Francis. When we take personal responsibility by embracing these behaviors, we advance the hallmark of quality for which our university is known.

Employees provide the intellect, empathy, and ability to serve our students and community. The Saint Francis Way of serving has become a source of pride for many employees. To provide a consistently high level of quality experience across our university, we provide the following service expectations for all employees. These standards have been incorporated into ongoing employee performance evaluations.

  1. Provide opportunities for deeper conversations and spiritual reflection or prayer in class, at Saint Francis events, and online.
  2. Utilize best practices in communication and service. Add best practices suited to your position and responsibilities.
    • Apply care to your words and deeds to ensure respect for others, especially when dealing with delicate matters.
    • Commit to details by following through and/or following up without exception and with quality.
    • Offer additional assistance after serving someone or solving a problem, as in, “How else may I assist you?”
    • Respond promptly, whether in person, via phone, or email.
  3. Recognize and celebrate milestones and achievements.
  4. Use resources wisely and support green initiatives.

Sacred Time

Sacred Time occurs daily when Mass is celebrated in the St. Francis Chapel on the Main Campus. During Sacred Time, regardless of participation, no on-campus university-sponsored activities are scheduled for or by students or employees. Students and employees who choose not to participate in Mass are encouraged to use Sacred Time for personal spiritual practices in keeping with their respective traditions.

Employee Events

We offer various employee events throughout the year that foster fellowship and promote employee development.