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Physician Assistant Studies

BS/MS Dual Acceptance Program

The university offers dual admission to both the PA Program and the biology major with a concentration in PA Studies. This program is limited to 5 seats per year.

Admission Requirements

Begin your application by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Admissions counselors will then direct your application to the Department of PA Studies for further review.

After enrollment into the university you will be assigned an advisor who will help you declare a Biology Major with a concentration in PA Studies. After completing the bachelor’s degree, you will proceed directly into the master's degree curriculum of PA Studies with no additional application process

Progression Standards

*Note:  The PA Admissions Committee requires paid patient care experience involving direct patient contact (such as Certified Nursing Assistant) to meet this standard.  Questions regarding approval of patient care experience should be directed to the PA department.

Any student not meeting progression standards will forfeit their reserved seat in the master’s degree curriculum of the program but can apply for admission to the PA class in the regular admissions process.