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Student Services: Academic Support

Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is the place to go if you need help succeeding academically. Located in Pope John Paul II Center, Room 210, we provide tutoring, testing services, disability services, and more.

One of the Sisters assists a student with a question

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Transition Information

Beginning university life presents challenges for all students. As a result, all students may need some assistance in making their individual transitions. Many of the resources featured on our web site address the variety of transitions all students face.The links provided below address some of the unique issues students with disabilities encounter when transitioning to university life. 

In the university setting, the first step to academic success for students with disabilities is access.  SASS provides services to students with documented and disclosed disabilities, with the goal of ensuring equal access to the University of Saint Francis.   From the foundation of support and assistance provided through SASS, individual students can move forward to build and achieve academic success.

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