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Admissions Information

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at USF, please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions.

General Comments and Suggestions

The Department of Physical Therapist Assistant Studies engages in continuous and systematic evaluation and improvement. Comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism from the public are welcome as part of that process. The University’s Comment and Complaint procedure for students is outlined in the Student Handbook. Individuals in the community who do not have a formal affiliation with USF are also welcome to provide comments according to the following policy procedure:

  1. This process is only for comments or concerns that cannot be addressed by existing grievance/due process procedures described in the USF Student Handbook, Employee Handbook or PTA policy related to comments/complaints from clinical sites.
  2. Comments must be provided in writing and signed by the author. Anonymous submissions will not be acknowledged, nor will comments written on behalf of an anonymous source.
  3. In addition to the signature of the author, the author’s address and phone number should be included. The author may also include an e-mail address but it is not required.
  4. Comments must be submitted to the following:

    Chair, Department of Physical Therapist Assistant Studies
    University of Saint Francis
    2701 Spring Street
    Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  5. The PTA Department Chair shall respond to all comments within seven (10) business days to further discuss and resolve the issue. If satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Dean of the School of Health Sciences within seven (10) business days of the Chair’s response. At that time, if satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Office of the President within seven (10) business days of the Dean’s response. The decision of the President will be final and not subject to further appeal. Neither the Dean nor the President will become involved until all attempts to resolve the issue with the Department Chair have been exhausted, unless the comment is directly related to the performance of the Department Chair.
  6. Records of all correspondence will be confidentially maintained by the Department Chair for five (5) years. These records are not open to the public.