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Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Learning Through Experience

What is learning through experience?

At the Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership you won't simply learn the nuts and bolts of starting or running a business just by sitting in the classroom.  You will learn through experience.

You will see direct application of your business education whether you are presenting your concept at a business plan competition, gaining 2 years of Co-Op experience with an industry-leading company, or traveling abroad with a student team.

The Keith Busse School of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership provides you with extensive experience in the real world. Explore our programs below to get started.

Signature E.P.I.C. Program

EPIC"Hands-on learning" is not a new concept in schools of business.  Most business programs tout a semester-long internship experience. But if every business school grad has three months of experience and a business degree, how will you stand out in the crowd? 

Introducing the Busse EPIC Undergraduate Program...

The Busse EPIC program is designed to give students the competitive edge needed to meet today's challenging times: Experience. Each program gives you the opportunity to earn 2 years of paid-for-credit work experience without extending your graduation date. Students spend 4-6 months in successful businesses while taking a reduced course load.

EPIC experience + rigorous academic preparation = a relevant business education.

Put your education into practice:

Internship-Based Programs

Today's complex business environment requires you to go beyond a narrow business education based on a specific concentration area.  You need to understand how to strategically connect each aspect of a business.

The newly redesigned programs and an expanded 270 hour internship will give you the innovative business mindset and academic preparation to succeed in accounting or business administration. 

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