USF faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and passion to their instruction, bolstered by hands-on industry experience. They are dedicated to ensuring students become engaged in forward-focused learning, which will lead them down a fulfilling career path. At our Spring Street campus and USF Downtown, and USF Crown Point, faculty members are able to walk alongside students as they embark on their way to becoming leaders, innovators and positive influences in their professional careers and everyday lives.

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Huddleson, Colleen

Dean for the School of Creative Arts
ext. 8004

Colleen Huddleson

Hurst, Emiy

Assistant Professor
ext. 8506

Jackisch, Barry

Associate Professor of History; Director of History
ext. 8131

Jain, Jiya

Professor Emeritus

Jeffries, Heather

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology; Director of Criminal Justice and Criminology
ext. 8107

Heather Jeffries

Johnson, Dave

ext. 8517

Dave Johnson

Jylland-Halverson, Carl

Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program
ext. 8421

Carl Jylland-Halverson

Karns, Tyler

Associate Professor for Biology

Kessee, Tom


King, Marsha

Dean of the Crown Point Campus

Marsha King

Klopfer, Mary

Associate Professor of Studio Art, Sculpture and Drawing
ext. 8007

Mary Klopfer

Krecek, Sr. Jacinta

Assistant Professor of Theology; Coordinator of Ministry; Chair, Department of Philosophy and Theology

Sr. Jacinta Krecek

Krouse, Caitlin

Assistant Professor
ext. 8512

Kuebler-Wolf, Elizabeth

Art History and Museum Studies Program Director, Associate Professor of Art History
ext. 8009

Elizabeth Kuebler-Wolf

Kutsenok, Victor

Professor of Mathematics
ext. 8237

Lautzenheiser, Emily

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Program Director of School Counseling
ext. 8104

Lee, Robert

Dean, Associate Professor of Accounting
ext. 8304

Robert Lee

Leeper, Lonnie

Program Director of Traditional Undergraduate Business Programs, Associate Professor of Finance
ext. 8306

Lonnie Leeper

Letizia, Theresa

Instructor of Surgical Technology

Theresa Letizia

Levan, Michael

Associate Professor; Chair, Department of English, History, and Political Science/Pre-Law

Lloyd, Courtney

Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
ext. 8563

Courtney Lloyd

Lortie, Heather

Assistant Professor; Program Director of Radiologic Technology
ext. 8561

Louck, Gregory

Assistant Professor

Lown, Susan

Associate Professor
ext. 8543

Susan Lown

Lucas, Lorie

Assistant Professor
ext. 8542

Lorie Lucas

Luckey, Patricia

Assistant Professor
ext. 8520

Patricia Luckey

Lung, Gerald

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Virtual Campus Business Programs

Maier, Nancy

ext. 8509

Nancy Maier

Maldonado, Jenny

Assistant Professor Biology and Environmental Science
ext. 8209

Jenny Maldonado

Martin, Jane

Communication Program Director, Professor of Communication - Film and Traditional Animation
ext. 8008

Jane Martin

Martynowicz, Michael

Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Field Director of Psychology and Counseling; Director of MS in Psychology Program
ext. 8428

Mays, Jenny

ext. 8527

Jenny Mays

McCall, Laura Speidel

Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, Clinical Coordinator
ext. 8558

Laura McCall

Meador, Douglas

Professor Emeritus

Meler, Monika

Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in Studio Art
ext. 8015

Meler, Monkia

Meyers, Sister M. Carol

Professor of Chemistry; Chemical Hygiene Officer
ext. 8223

Sr. Carol Meyers

Miller, Carrie

Assistant Professor of Surgical Technology; Clinical Coordinator
ext. 8577

Carrie Engel

Miller, Kristin

Assistant Professor, Public Relations
ext. 8010

Kristin Miller

Miller, Richard

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
ext 8228

Richard Miller

Moellering, Beverly

Assistant Professor of Nutrition
ext. 6235

Beverly Moellering

Mueller, Carla

ext. 8525

Carla Mueller

Mullins, David

Professor of Sociology and Social Justice; Director of Sociology and Social Justice Program
ext. 8133

Nauts, Alan

Program Director of Graphic Design; Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Advertising & Illustration
ext. 8013

Alan Nauts

Nelson, Kerry

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
ext. 6232

Kerry Nelson

Norton, William

Instructor of Radiologic Technology
ext. 8565

William Norton

O’Brien, Patrick

Instructor of Nursing

Patrick O'Brien

Oberley, Juanita

Assistant Professor of Education
ext. 8427

Juanita Oberley

Obringer, Amy

Professor of Biology, Director, Pre-Med Program

Amy Obringer

Oetting, Stephanie

Associate Professor
ext. 6913

Stephanie Oetting

Osborne, Lisa

Nurse Anesthesia Program Director and Instructor
ext. 8559

Lisa Osborne