USF faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and passion to their instruction, bolstered by hands-on industry experience. They are dedicated to ensuring students become engaged in forward-focused learning, which will lead them down a fulfilling career path. At our Spring Street campus and USF Downtown, and USF Crown Point, faculty members are able to walk alongside students as they embark on their way to becoming leaders, innovators and positive influences in their professional careers and everyday lives.

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Arnold, Lorene

Associate Professor
ext. 8505

Lorene Arnold

Benz, Amanda

Assistant Professor
ext. 8571

Amanda Benz

Carlin, Cynthia

ext. 8519

Cynthia Carlin

Caudill, Lori

Nursing Simulation Lab Assistant

Clark, Wendy

Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing
ext. 8534

Wendy Clark

Deininger, Rita

Program Director, Associate of Science in Nursing; Assistant Professor
ext. 8553

Rita Deininger

Gilson, Rachel

Assistant Professor
ext. 8549

Rachel Gilson

Gradeless, Whitney

ext. 8583

Whitney Gradeless

Gray, Elizabeth


Elizabeth Gray

Greulich, Carol

Assistant Professor
ext. 8516

Carol Greulich

Hammond, Renee

ext. 8584

Renee Hammond

Housholder, Stacie

ext. 8585

Hurst, Emiy

Assistant Professor
ext. 8506

Johnson, Dave

ext. 8517

Dave Johnson

Krouse, Caitlin

Assistant Professor
ext. 8512

Louck, Gregory

Assistant Professor

Lown, Susan

Associate Professor
ext. 8543

Susan Lown

Lucas, Lorie

Assistant Professor
ext. 8542

Lorie Lucas

Luckey, Patricia

Assistant Professor
ext. 8520

Patricia Luckey

Maier, Nancy

ext. 8509

Nancy Maier

Mays, Jenny

ext. 8527

Jenny Mays

Mueller, Carla

ext. 8525

Carla Mueller

Oetting, Stephanie

Associate Professor
ext. 6913

Stephanie Oetting

Osborne, Lisa

Nurse Anesthesia Program Director and Instructor
ext. 8559

Lisa Osborne

Parker, Dawn

Director, School of Health Sciences Simulation Lab
ext. 8521

Dawn Parker

Reed, Timm

Assistant Professor
ext. 8529

Timm Reed

Richard, Jennifer

Assistant Professor
ext. 8530

Jennifer Richard

Rinker, Patricia

ext. 8572

Patricia Rinker

Roberts, Teresa

Assistant Professor
ext. 8550

Teresa Roberts

Scalf, Leah

Assistant Professor

Leah Scalf

Spath, Mary

Associate Professor
ext. 8532

Mary Spath

Strevy, Sonia

Associate Professor
ext. 8573

Sonia Strevy

Winegarden, Megan

Program Director, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Assistant Professor
ext. 8513

Megan Winegarden

Yoder, Amber

ext. 8536

Amber Yoder

Yoder, Carolyn

Clinical Director, Assistant Professor
ext. 8537

Carolyn Yoder