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Operating Room Team

Students looking at a suturing monitor

Surgical Tech student preparing surgery tools on a cart

Surgical Technology

Welcome to the Department of Surgical Technology

Surgical Technologists are crucial members of the surgical team, working closely with surgeons, registered nurses and anesthesiologists to provide the best care for the patient in surgery. Traditionally, Surgical Technologists have organized sterile supplies and instruments and passed them to the surgeon as needed.

As their role has expanded, Surgical Technologists act as surgical first assistants, providing exposure to the surgical wound by handling tissue under the direction of the surgeon.

Certified Surgical Technologists may also assist the registered nurse as an unsterile "circulator," performing patient care, complete documentation of the operation and dispense supplies to the sterile team. A Surgical Technologist should possess a stable temperament, manual dexterity, physical stamina, and the ability to integrate and prioritize a variety of activities.