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Student Services: Academic Support

Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is the place to go if you need help succeeding academically. Located in Pope John Paul II Center, Room 210, we provide tutoring, testing services, disability services, and more.

Two students helping each other out

J Cougar reading a book in the PJP II library

Setting Goals

Having clearly stated goals is somewhat like having a good map when you go on a trip.  You may choose some off-the -beaten-path travel, but a good map will help you stay on track to your destination.  Setting goals is a great way to stay focused, as well as to glean the side benefit of reduced stress that comes from having a clearly-defined direction and purpose.  Everyday short-term goals can be little steps to accomplishing longer-term goals.

In education and business circles, the acronym SMART is often used as a reminder of what a well-constructed goal looks like: