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Student Services: Academic Support

Student Academic Support Services (SASS) is the place to go if you need help succeeding academically. Located in Pope John Paul II Center, Room 210, we provide tutoring, testing services, disability services, and more.

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Student Disability Services

The University provides access to educational programs for students with disabilities through Student Disability Services which is part of the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) office.  Coordinated services and reasonable academic accommodations are provided on a case by case basis.                     

In order to receive services, students must register with Student Disability Services, provide documentation for verifying disability, and meet with Student Disability Services staff.

If you are entering the University directly from high school, you will find differences in the way disability services are provided at the college level.  The Transition Information link will give you an overview of the differences, including your new responsibilities as a student.  Also feel free to talk to our staff about transitioning to college.


Location and Hours:
Student Academic Support Services
Pope John Paul II Center -- Room 210
Office Hours:  8AM-5PM Monday through Friday
Summer Hours:  8AM-5PM Monday through Thursday and 8AM-12 noon Friday


Disability Staff:
Linda Jackson, Assistant Director, SASS
260.399.7700 ext 6011

Tricia Bugajski, Director, SASS
260.399.7700 ext 6008


Examples of Services and Accommodations for Which Students May Be Eligible:
Alternate Text Formats
Reduced Distraction Environment for Testing
Extended Time for Testing
Note Taking Assistance
Assistive Technology such as Kurtzweil, Zoomtext, Dragon Naturally Speaking