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Student Government Association

Our mission is to represent the student body of the University of Saint Francis through integrity, leadership and servitude. Our goal is to enhance the life of every student.

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For Students,  Clubs, & Organizations

  Student Government Association


 Student Government Petition

Student Government elections are coming up! If you are interested in running for next years senate please turn in your petition to the SGA office by Friday, March 21st at 12pm. Please fill out your petition at the following - SGA Petition


Funds Request

In addition to fund raising and collecting dues, recognized clubs and organizations may request funding from Student Government. The following Funds Request Forms should be used below. If at all possible, please fill both of these forms out electronically and then email them to the Student Body Treasurer, Ayrianne Crawford (


  Funds Request Form
  Event Evaluation Form

Monthy Stall Calendar

Do you want your event included in the bathroom stall calendars? Please send all relevant information via our

Online Request Form.

  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the Student Body PR Director, David Leemreis

Requests should be submitted by the 25th of the month to be included in the following month's publication.


Student Government Association




Student Body Senators & Officers


Student Body Officers:

Joe Molnar, Carolina Flores, Jess Huelsman, Ayrianne Crawford, and David Leemreis

Graduate Senators:

2 Positions Open

Senior Senators:

 Cassandra DeGood, Kevin Dirksen, Derek Leckrone, Kayla Reed, and 1 Open Seat


Junior Senators:

Faith Andert, Grant Anikienko, Austin Hartzog, Nick Litavec, and Jake Shaffer

Sophomore Senators:

Taylor Brown, Michael Cooley, Michael Sorenson, and 2 open seats

Freshman Senators:

Courtney Boley, Drake DeMuyt, Elle Schoenherr, Bekah Kitzmiller, and Shelby Troyer