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Remote Access

Using InfoMaker

You will have to take a few extra steps when running merge letters from Jenzabar or are using InfoMaker

Please download the following files to assist you in those tasks:

Tips and Reminders

  • It is important to remember that you cannot drag files from your REMOTE ACCESS session onto your local desktop.

  • Additionally you cannot open files on your local desktop with your REMOTE ACCESS connection. You can only access those files which are stored remotely on your USF personal share, or any departmental or committee shares that you normally have access to.

  • Your password for your REMOTE ACCESS connection is the same as your network login. If you change your network login, it also changes your REMOTE ACCESS login.

  • You can access all of your shares through the Cougar Crossing link or through any of the Microsoft Office applications through REMOTE ACCESS.

  • It is important to remember that if you want to view or administer Outlook calendars that you have access to, you will have to add them again to your REMOTE ACCESS session. Once they have been added, they will remain there for future sessions.
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  • UTS Home Page

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