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The Registrar


All currently enrolled students have two ways to register for classes. Registration can be completed from any computer with Internet access on Cougar Connection or a student can register in person at the Registrar’s Office.

Course Schedule

Use the Course Search on My Cougar Connection to view the course schedule.

Course Schedules by Campus:

   Main Campus    

        Crown Point Campus        

      Virtual Campus       

Fall 2014 

Fall 2014

Fall 2014
Spring 2014
 Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Summer 2014


Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2014

Change of Major

Students wishing to declare or change their major may do so at any time. Students are encouraged to confer with their academic advisor or the Director of Student Academic Support Services.

How to Register

Current students may register in person or on the website each semester on the dates specified in the Schedule of Courses, according to the following procedure outlined by the Registrar’s Office.


Withdrawals are processed from the second week of the term until the end of the fifteenth week of the term. No withdrawals are processed during final exam week.

Dropping and Adding Courses

Changes in schedule may be made on the website or by the student in the Registrar’s Office to safeguard the accuracy of the student’s permanent record.  Courses may not be added after the first week of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters. Courses may not be added after the first day of class during Summer sessions.

Veteran's Info

Eligible veterans may receive monthly benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA). The Registrar‘s Office at the University of Saint Francis addresses VA matters and certifies attendance records.