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The softball player dives into base

The Father has a chat with one of the students

This student struck a pose outside of Brookside

The Registrar

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2013

August 26th Weekday classes begin
September 2nd Labor Day (No classes)
October 8th Faculty Development (No classes)
October 18th Mid-Semester

November 27th - December 1st

Thanksgiving Vacation (No classes)
December 2nd Classes resume at 8am
December 9th-13th Final Exams

Spring Semester 2014

January 13th Weekday classes begin
January 20th Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
March 7th Mid-Semester
March 10-14th Spring Vacation (no classes)
April 17th(5:00PM)-20th Easter Vacation (no classes)
April 28th - May 2nd Final Exams
May 3rd Commencement

Summer Term 2014

May 5th Term begins
May 26th Memorial Day (No classes)
July 4th Independence Day (No classes)
August 22 Term Ends

Fall Term 2014

August 25 Weekday classes being
September 1 Labor Day (no classes)
October 7 Faculty Development Day (no classes)
October 17 Mid-Semester
November 26-30 Thanksgiving vacation (no classes)
December 1 Classes resume at 8:00am
December 8-December 12 Final Exams

Spring Term 2015

January 12 Weekday classes begin
January 19 Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
March 6  Mid-Semester
March 9-13 Spring vacation (no classes)
April 2(5:30)-5 Easter vacation ( no classes)
April 27-May 1 Final exams
May 2 Commencement Ceremonies

Summer Term 2015

May 4 Term Begins
May 25 Memorial Day (no classes)
July 3  Independence Day Oberserved (no classes)
August 21 Term ends