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School of Professional Studies

What is Professional Studies?

Psychology and Counseling
Social Work

Engaging Experience

With its pioneering service-learning programs, discipline-specific practical experience and strong core of faculty, the School of Professional Studies at the University of Saint Francis prepares caring, intellectually-curious students to be educators, counselors, social workers—professionals. Rooted in the core Franciscan values, which emphasize service to others and reverence for the dignity of each person, the school is a perfect place to obtain not just the knowledge you need, but also the ability to apply it most effectively in your professional setting. Engage experience here, at the School of Professional Studies at the University of Saint Francis.

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04.22.13 The Department of Education presents the Future of Education
Please mark your calendars to attend the Future of Education event on the June 5, 2013 at the USF Performing Arts Center. Read more...

12.19.12 Psychology class makes blankets for Fort Wayne Sexual Assault and Treatment Center
Patricia Luckey stepped out of her professional discipline of nursing and utilized her additional degree of psychology by teaching Human Growth and Development for the Psychology department this past fall. Read more...