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Stars in the Cosmos

Mauna Kea's Keck Observatory


Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium

Two-Fer Special

Consider booking both The StarGazer and Hotter Than Blue for a complete discussion of stars, the universe and the processes at work in the universe. In the time between the 2 shows, students and planetarium staff will work in small groups with "hands on" activities geared and designed to develop the student’s knowledge of the night sky and skills for finding their way around the sky. In addition to seasonal constellations, locating the objects mentioned in the two shows will be the subject of the small group sessions. The StarGazer or Hotter Than Blue and Explorers of the Mauna Kea would also make a good "TwoFer" Special. Welcome to The Universe and another “standard length” show would also be a good combination.

Cost per student is more than the single show cost, but less than double the single show cost. Allow at least three hours. Contact the Planetarium Director to arrange a "TwoFer" Special.

Please note we prefer a minimum advance notice of 6 weeks to schedule a Two-Fer Special program.  Due to staff and facility availability, we may not be able to accomodate requests made with less than six weeks' notice.