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Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium

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Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium

Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium

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Our next public programs will be held the weekends of Three Rivers Festival, July 11-19, 2014.



The Second Time Around

Many still remember the original COSMOS television series from the early 80's. Indeed, I still meet folks from time to time that say: "My life long interest in astronomy and the Universe started with Carl Sagan's "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage."

Cornell Astronomer Carl Sagan's widow and co-writer Ann Druyan has been working for several years with a group of writers and producers to create a new Cosmos. When the original series premiered, Voyager 2 had not yet reached Uranus and Neptune, the Hubble Space Telescope was years from launch, and no planets around other stars had been discovered, so there are many new things for the new Cosmos to explore.

The new "Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey" begins Sunday evening, March 9, on the Fox television network. The next night it appears on the National Geographic Channel (with "new bonus footage and behind-the-scenes content," - whatever that means).

Sky and Telescope magazine says "All told it (Cosmos) will debut in 174 countries and 47 languages - arguably the most globalized rollout of any series in television history."

The host and guide for this new Space-Time Odyssey is Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Dr. Tyson is the Director of New York City's Hayden Planetarium - where I caught the "astro bug" when my parents took me there in 1st grade and further school and scouting field trips continued to "infect me". Dr. Tyson has been a part of the Cosmos development team and is a wonderful down to earth presenter of science and its implications for humankind.

I hope you can catch this first Sunday night episode of Cosmos: A Space-Time odyssey and most if not all of the 13-part series.

For more about this new Cosmos, see the April 2014 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine which should be hitting full service magazine stands about now.  Or visit

We will try and get the full Cosmos series Episode synopsis and Air Dates posted next week on our Featured Events page.

Alan Pareis

Planetarium Director

Update 04/17/2014

Notes From The Director

New Shows enter private group program catalogue

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our two newest shows have entered our Group Program catalogue and are now available to private and educational groups booking a Schouweiler Planetarium experience.

Larry Cat in Space is a humorous cartoon tale of a pet cat who stows away and finds himself on the moon. Targeted for grades K-4, Larry Cat is our moon show and fun for all ages.

The Planets is an up-to-date tour of the solar system and its galactic neighborhood. It features recent imagery and video from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Schouweiler Planetarium Terminology

The Schouweiler Planetarium Experience

Attendees to our public and private group planetarium experiences know that each 90-minute experience consists of 2 parts: a pre-produced multi-media "show" and a staff led live participation session.

For our public planetarium experiences the live staff led session consists of a tour of the current night sky, as well as star chart and basic naked eye viewing skills.

Our private group planetarium experiences generally follow the same format with one exception. Because each group is unique in terms of content needs, age abilities, size and interest; no pre-produced multi-media show can totally address the needs of each group. We therefore encourage our group clients to request a "customized" live staff session to emphasize particular content items and enhance the group's learning experience. Our group event pricing is based on the pre-produced show price and there is no additional charge for the live session whether or not it is customized.

Upon booking your group's planetarium experience, be sure to make your questions and needs known. The booking secretary will then arrange for the planetarium director to contact you about options and to design your live session.

This process will happen automatically when you inquire about booking one of our "2-Fer" Planetarium Experiences of approximate 4 hours duration. 2-Fers include 2 pre-produced shows and 2 hours of live staff led learning modules. The group show listing pages will soon become more specific in suggesting some possible live session customization modules.

Alan Pareis
Planetarium Director

Updated 4/17/2014

Planetarium Program Public Show Admission

$4 for adults, $3 for children under 18, and $3 for senior citizens. The maximum charge is $14 per family (family consisting of 2 adults and their dependent children). USF Students, Faculty and Staff admission is $1 with ID. Purchase tickets at the door. Please arrive prior to program time to avoid congestion in the hallway. No admittance to anyone after the start time.

Please check back later for information on more upcoming public events in 2014.

To schedule your private group program, or for more information regarding our programs, including planetarium location, please contact Jean at 260-399-7700, ext. 821

We are now scheduling private groups and schools for the 2013-2014 school year. Call our planetarium information and scheduling line, 260-399-7700, extension 8211, or send an email to, and we will be delighted to answer your questions and schedule your show.

Please note we prefer a minimum advance notice of 4 weeks (6 weeks for Two-Fer Programs) to schedule a program. Due to staff and facility availability, we may not be able to accommodate requests made with less than four weeks' notice.

The planetarium is closed the months of January, June and August for show production and equipment maintenance.


Mailing List

If you would like to be notified of upcoming Public Shows at the Planetarium, please send your email address to: and you will be added to our distribution list. Thank you.


The Edwin Clark Schouweiler Memorial Planetarium is located on the campus of the University of Saint Francis.  Please enter off of Leesburg Road entrance, east side of campus.  We are located inside Achatz Hall.   Campus Map



Updated 01/23/2014