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Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Students - Didactic Year 2011-2012

Kara Amend 

Name: Kara Amend

Hometown: Troy, OH

 Academic Background: I graduated from Ohio Northern University with my Bachelor’s of Science in biology.

 Healthcare Background: I worked as a state tested nurse’s assistant (STNA) at Koester Pavilion nursing home for two years. I also worked as a patient care technician (PCT) at Upper Valley Medical Center for one year. I primarily worked on the telemetry and medical/surgical units at the hospital. While I was at Ohio Northern University, I was a teacher’s assistant for a medical physiology class.

 Professional Goals: I aspire to become a PA-C that will carry on the respectable traditions and reputations of the profession. I hope to be a healthcare provider that is respected, diligent, competent, dedicated, and above all, compassionate. I wish to pursue women’s health, but am keeping my mind and heart open to all possibilities during clinical rotations.

 Kristen Badgett

Name: Kristen Badgett 

Hometown: Cocoa Beach, Florida

Academic Background: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida- Gainesville in May 2010

Healthcare Background: Over the course of five years, I obtained by CNA license, worked as a medical assistant at an internal care practice, a health support technologist in a women's health clinic, became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and worked as a nurse tech in a NICU, post-partum and labor/delivery unit.

Professional Goals: I hope to pursue a job as a PA-C in an environment which allows me to continue to enrich my education and achieve my greatest potential as a practitioner. I will strive to have a positive impact on the lives of my patients and the healthcare community I serve. Over the past several years I have developed a passion for women's health and I am eager to explore other areas of medicine during clinical rotations.

Julie Brown

Name: Julie Brown 

Hometown: Macon, Missouri

Academic Background: B.A. in Psychology from the University of Missouri—Columbia

Healthcare Background: For the past 3½ years I worked as a medical technician at the VA Hospital in Columbia, MO. I also completed an EMT course through the University of Missouri Health Care EMS Education program. My most valuable experiences came from various medial mission trips to Jamaica through my hometown church.

Professional Goals: I hope to become a highly knowledgeable and compassionate physician assistant. It is important to me to be able to provide quality care to patients through communication and education. I look forward to discovering a specialty that is the best fit for me through various clinical rotations.  

 Jamie Chaffee

Name: Jamie Chaffee

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Academic Background: Bachelor of Science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Doctor of Osteopathy (No Degree Obtained), Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, PA

Healthcare Background: Family Practice Shadowing, Medical Assistant in OB/GYN, 3D Laboratory Technologist, Radiology Marketing Specialist, Laboratory Assistant, Ophthalmic Assistant/Surgical Technologist

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a compassionate and skillful PA-C. As a physician assistant, I will be an advocate for the patient and help educate and treat the patient's disease. I will support the core values, mission statement, and philosophy of the physician's office as I believe we are a team. We all must work together to treat the patient and the disease. I look forward to exploring the many career paths available during clinical rotations and discovering the area that provides me with a challenging and rewarding career.

 Jason Gaisford

Name:  Jason Gaisford 

Hometown: Antwerp, Ohio

Academic Background: I received a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Saint Francis in the BS/MS dual acceptance program.

Healthcare Background: I have completed about 300 hours of shadowing, which included about 20 hours of shadowing a PA and 280 hours shadowing a Physician. I also worked at Manor House Assisted Living for about 1000 hours.

Professional Goals: I am looking forward to completing the PA program and becoming a practicing PA-C. I am unsure about what specialty I want to choose for my career, which is why clinicals intrigue me. I am very excited about all that the PA profession has to offer. 

 Abby Gaskell

Name: Abby Gaskell

Hometown: Kentwood, MI

Academic Background: B.A. in Exercise Science and a minor in Spanish from Hope College, Holland, MI

Healthcare Background: My health care experience includes: sport medicine, volunteering at Holland hospital in the ER, shadowing a PA for 2 years at a Holland Community Health Center, working as a CNA in a long term care facility, working as a resident aide in an assisted living home, working with the underserved on medical mission trips.

Professional Goals: It is my goal to become a compassionate, knowledgeable, competent, and well rounded PA-C. I want to learn from the experiences and patients I encounter so that I may continue to grow as an individual and a PA-C. I have a strong interest in orthopedics, cardiology, and primary care for the underserved. In the future I would like to participate in medical missions. 

 Tori Hollinger

Name:  Victoria (Tori) Hollinger           

Hometown: Columbus, Indiana

Academic Background: I graduated from Ball State University in May 2011 with an Honors College B.S. in Biochemistry and Pre-Medical Preparation.

Healthcare Background: I volunteered at Ball Memorial Hospital while attending Ball State University and also shadowed multiple Physician Assistants.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a compassionate and professional PA-C. I hope to build great relationships with my patients and my community. I am interested in possibly working at a V.A. Hospital but I am very excited to explore all of my options during clinical rotations. 

 Kate Jackson

Name:  Kate Jackson

Hometown: North Muskegon, MI

Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

Healthcare Background: Much of my healthcare experience came from working in a long term care facility for individuals with traumatic brain injury and physical handicaps. I also spent several years working with adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments, including many persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some of my experience also comes from a year spent working with Bahamian and displaced Haitian children with cognitive impairments and developmental disabilities in Abaco, Bahamas.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a PA-C that provides excellent care and compassionate education to patients. I am interested in primary care medicine as well as psychiatry and neurology, but am looking forward to seeing how my clinical experiences influence my interests. I hope to use my training to serve the medically underserved.

 Carrie Kreucher

Name:  Carrie Kreucher 

Hometown: Davison, MI

Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness in Preventative & Rehabilitative Programs, Minor in Science from Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI

Healthcare Background: I worked as a CNA at a nursing home and in one-on-one homecare for two years. I also worked as a medical assistant in a chemotherapy infusion clinic for one year.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a competent, compassionate, and well-respected PA. Currently, I am interested in working in a family practice setting, but am looking forward to the clinical year and the new opportunities it will bring. 

 Traci Lippold

Name:  Traci Lippold 

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Academic Background: B.A. in Athletic Training from Franklin College, Franklin, IN; Became a Certified Athletic Trainer in April 2011

Healthcare Background: At Franklin College through the athletic training education program, I worked with athletic teams and also had rotations in the ER and orthopedic settings. I had my internship through Franklin with a family practice PA. I also had a position through AmeriCorps where I worked at a healthcare clinic for the underserved population.

Professional Goals: To be trusted and respected for my skills and integrity as a certified physician assistant to both patients and other allied health care professionals. I am currently interested in surgery but am very excited to be exposed to other health care specialties that I might be passionate for as well.

 Megan Maloney

Name:  Megan Maloney

Hometown: Mishawaka, IN

Academic Background: Graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a B.S. in Sports Medicine.

Healthcare Background: During my undergraduate work, I had over three years of clinical experience in a variety of health care settings. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and worked for the past year for a high school in Mishawaka. I volunteered in the ED and was a research assistant for the trauma department of Memorial Hospital in South Bend.

Professional Goals: My goal is to be a respected, competent, and compassionate PA-C providing care to the community. I am currently interested in trauma or orthopedics; however I look forward to my clinical rotations where my experiences may lead me to another field of interest.

 Thomas Meehan

Name:  Thomas Meehan 

Hometown: Huntington, IN

Academic Background: B.S. in Biology from the University of Saint Francis

Healthcare Background: Worked as a CNA in a nursing home for the past nine months.

Professional Goals: My personal goal is to be a certified Physician Assistant who provides quality and efficient care. I look forward to clinical rotations where I will have the opportunity to gain experience from experts in all areas of medicine. I am interested in cardiology and orthopedics, but I am excited to broaden my perspective through the rotations in other areas of medicine.

 Katie Mensing

Name:  Katie Mensing 

Hometown: Zumbrota, Minnesota

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts majoring in Biology and Spanish from the College of Saint Benedict in partnership with Saint John's University

Healthcare Background: One year and eight months working as a certified nursing assistant at an assisted living facility in Baxter, MN

Professional Goals: I want to become a compassionate and competent physician assistant. I hope to work with the underserved populations, especially women and children of developing nations. 

 Ashley Miszkiewicz

Name:  Ashley Miszkiewicz 

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Academic Background: B.A. in History-University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. in Human Biology- University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Healthcare Background: Throughout my undergraduate education I encountered many different healthcare experiences. I enjoyed being a volunteer at the UW Children's Hospital in Madison, WI and also working one-on-one with autistic children as a line therapist for a local organization. My greatest healthcare experience came from working as a certified pharmacy technician for the past six years.

Professional Goals: As a PA-C I hope to specialize in primary care, where I can focus on providing patients with individualized attention. I want to form a bond with my patients based on mutual trust, respect, and honesty. With that bond, patients will truly know that I am there to help them live a long, healthy, and happy life.

 Julie Moenter

Name:  Julie Moenter  

Hometown: Delphos, Ohio

Academic Background: B.S. in Allied Health, majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Healthcare Background: I worked three years as a Registered Sonographer at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a competent and compassionate Physician Assistant. I want to provide quality healthcare to improve the lives of all of my patients. Right now, my interests are in family medicine or pediatrics. However, I want to keep an open mind during my clinical rotations to see which specialty would best suit me.

 Leslie Muhlenkamp

Name:  Leslie Muhlenkamp

Hometown: Minster, OH

Academic Background: B.S. in Biological Sciences, minor in Psychology from Ohio University (Athens, OH) in June 2010

Healthcare Background: At OU, I did a year of genetic research, studying leukemia in fruit flies and I also did a year of health psychology research studying the effects of hydration on pain perception and the effects of acute stress on coagulation factors. I also worked full time for a year as a nursing assistant at a long-term care facility.

Professional Goals: My aspiration is to provide a personalized service to my patients and to establish myself as a genuinely caring, trustworthy, qualified healthcare provider. I hope to be a positive educational and motivational influence on my patients. I'm open to exploring different areas of specialization and excited to make an impact!

 Jared Rigali

Name:  Jared Rigali 

Hometown: Lima, OH

Academic Background: B.S. Exercise Science, The Ohio State University, March 2010.

Healthcare Background: I worked one year at Lima Memorial Hospital as a patient care tech/unit secretary on the medical/surgical floor. I also shadowed numerous Physician Assistants.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a competent, well-rounded, and compassionate PA-C. I am currently open to many areas of medicine and I am looking forward to clinical rotations to decide which field I will ultimately pursue. 

 Michelle Ripple

Name:  Michelle Ripple 

Hometown: Morton Grove, IL

Academic Background: B.S in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Healthcare Background: I started volunteering as a nurse's aide at a hospital in Chicago, IL. From there I started shadowing orthopedic PAs and volunteered as a medical assistant for a hand surgeon at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI). After graduating, I worked as a rehabilitation technician at IBJI.

Professional Goals: To become a well-trained PA-C. The healthcare experiences I had have pushed me to be interested in orthopedics and surgery, but I am looking forward to clinical rotations to see what goes on in other fields.

 Brittany Schoenle

Name:  Brittany Schoenle 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Academic Background: I graduated from Indiana University in 2010 with a B.S. in Applied Health Science. I majored in Dietetics and Minored in Psychology.

Healthcare Background: I have been a Registered Dietitian since May of 2011. I worked as a medical student (similar to a medical assistant) at Southern Indiana Pediatrics in Bloomington, IN for 9 months. I also worked as a Nutrition Assistant at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne for 2 years during school breaks.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a well-trained PA-C in order to provide the best care possible to my future patients. I currently have a strong interest in pediatrics and family medicine, but I am exited to explore other areas of medicine during my clinical rotations. I plan to use the knowledge I have gained in the process of becoming a registered dietitian to help me better care for my future patients as a PA-C.

 Brittney Simmons

Name:  Brittney Simmons 

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Academic Background: Attended Ohio Northern University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with high distinction.

Healthcare Background: Worked as a CNA at a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Indianapolis, IN for two summers. I assisted patients with their ADLs and helped with rehabilitation exercises for the residents. I accumulated over 700 hours at Eagle Valley Meadows.

Professional Goals: I plan to be a compassionate and competent Physician Assistant that is able to reach out to the underserved population and provide healthcare to those who do not have access or the financial resources to receive quality healthcare. 

 Thomas Straub

Name:  Thomas Straub 

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Academic Background: M.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University in 2002.

Health Care Experience: I worked in the medical field for approximately 18 months. During that time, I worked in a pain management clinic where I performed NCS/EMG's and provided medical assistance. Furthermore, I worked in an injection clinic where I assisted with interventional spine procedures.

Professional Goals: My goal is to develop a strong foundation of medical knowledge and experience so I can positively impact the lives of the patients I encounter as a Physician Assistant. 

 Shane Trotter

Name: Shane Trotter 

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Academic Background: I graduated from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis with a degree in English in 2005 and Biology in 2011, I was also an organic chemistry TA for 2.5 years.

Healthcare Background: I spent two years in a psychology internship before returning to school for Biology. I worked for a small motorcycle racing team as an EMT for two years, volunteered in the ER at Community hospital in Indianapolis for 6 months, and spent about 50hrs shadowing PA's in cardiology, orthopedics, and the ER.

Professional Goals: My goal is to become a certified PA-C and apply the skills I develop at the University of St. Francis towards being the best PA possible. 

 Molly Uvaas

Name:  Molly Uvaas 

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Academic Background: In 2010, I received a B.A. in Biology with Summa Cum Laude honors from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Healthcare Background: In college I volunteered as a research assistant at the Hennepin County Medical Center Emergency Department in Minneapolis, MN where I interacted closely with patients receiving care in the ED. During these years I was also employed as a Personal Care Attendant for adults and children with disabilities, which afforded me the opportunity to gain valuable direct patient care experience.

Professional Goals: I am motivated to become a knowledgeable and compassionate PA-C who is dedicated to serving patients in a way that positively impacts their lives. I have a strong interest in family practice, but look forward to gaining experience in a variety of clinical settings throughout this program.

 Keith Welker

Name:  Keith Welker  

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Academic Background: BS in Biology from the University of Dayton, in Dayton OH

Healthcare Background: I am an EMT-B, and transitioned into the ER to work as a Patient Care Tech from October of 2010 to May of 2011. During this medical experience I also shadowed an orthopedic PA and a dermatologic PA.

Professional Goals: My Goal is to become yet another compassionate member in the healthcare field and to always put the patient first. I want to become highly knowledgeable so I may treat my patients to the best of my ability. I would like to become an emergency PA, orthopedic PA, or a surgical PA.