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Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy, Theology & Ministry


Theology courses (prefixed THEO) introduce students to the study of God and the relation of God to all of creation. Students examine divine revelation as it is manifested in the sources of Christian faith and Christian tradition, while reflecting on their own personal experience. Most theology courses are taught from the Catholic theological tradition.   

A major in Theology prepares the graduate for several career options. Many graduates go on to a graduate school, find employment as a high school instructor in theology or religion, or are employed in a variety of positions at the parish or diocesan level. Because of the liberal arts basis of the degree, others have continued graduates studies in law or in business.

The degree also provides skills for deepening one’s adult faith, critical thinking and communication skills necessary to contribute meaningfully as citizens in contemporary culture.


Philosophy courses (prefixed PHIL) introduce students to significant thinkers, fundamental issues and comprehensive theories of reality, knowledge and action. Such courses promote critical thinking and self understanding.

The Philosophy major enhances the student's analytical and expressive skills and promotes success in graduate school and many career opportunities, including, business, government, law, management, medical care, research, and writing.



Ministry courses (prefixed MIN) introduce students to the various ministries, basic sources in ministry and the nature and purpose of ministry within the Church and for the world.

The Ministry program prepares graduates for professional and volunteer pastoral ministries through a strong foundation in theology and guided field experience. Ministry courses explore various ministries and develop the skills for those ministries.