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Philosophy and Theology

Franciscan Studies Minor/Certificate in Franciscan Studies

The 18-credit-hour minor or certificate in Franciscan Studies grounds the student in the Franciscan Intellectual and Spritual Tradition through 

Franciscan Studies is a natural fit with the following disciplines/majors:

18 Credit hours

Required Courses (9 hours)                                                                  
3 hrs  THEO 140  Introduction to Franciscan Spirituality                                            
3 hrs  THEO 389  St. Clare: Life and Light                                                                       
3 hrs  THEO 390  St. Francis: Times and Charism  
Electives (choose 9 hours from the following)
3 hrs  ECON 328  Economics of Social Issues                                                                  
3 hrs  ENVS 232  Introduction to Environmental Science                          
3 hrs  HIST 304  Medieval Europe                                                                     
3 hrs  HIST 322  American Environmental History                                              
3 hrs  IDS 371  Contemporary Themes, Issues and Problems                           
3 hrs  THEO 231  Islam                                                                                   
3 hrs  THEO 252  Peace and Justice                                                                    
3 hrs  THEO 490  Directed Study                                                      
3 hrs  THEO 499  Internship                                                                                
3 hrs  SOCI 135  Introduction to Race and Ethnicity                                            
3 hrs  SOCI 272  Contemporary Social Problems                                    
3 hrs  SOCI 355  Inequality, Class and Social Justice                                           
3 hrs  SOCI 440  Nature and Society                                                                  
3 hrs  SOCW 377  Cultural Diversity and Refugees (formerly SOCW 375 Minorities, Immigrants and Refugees)
3 hrs  SOCW 385  Violence


To learn more about the Franciscan Studies program contact Dr. Earl Kumfer, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Theology at 260-399-7700 x8121 or Sister Anita Holzmer at 260-399-7700 x6705, Director of the Center for Franciscan Spirit and Life. To learn more about Saints Francis and Clare, visit the USF Center for Franciscan Spirit and Life.