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Department of Nursing

The Nursing Resource Center

The NRC is located on the main floor of the Doermer Family Center for Health Science Education. The NRC includes four areas; with a total capacity of 13 patient units and 8 exam rooms. The NRC also has one study room and one conference room available to students and faculty.

The NRC provides an environment where students learn various skills they will need in the practice of nursing. By learning and practicing these procedures and behaviors in the NRC before moving into a clinical setting with patients, students develop familiarity with these skills. The NRC provides a non-threatening environment that simulates the clinical setting.

Mid-fidelity human patient simulators and wide variety of training models are available for use in clinical lab simulations to help students learn to care for patients and to develop some of the requisite nursing skills.

Math tutoring is available with the Director of the Nursing Resource Center.