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Welcome from the Chair

Dear future math student,

We are delighted to know that you have a continuing interest in studying mathematics and its applications.

Here at the University of Saint Francis, the mathematics faculty is dedicated to excellent teaching. Small class sizes optimize interaction between professors and students, enabling them to get to know each other. We offer a secure, embarrassment/anxiety-free learning environment. We allow and encourage the asking of questions during, before and after class. You will not be afraid to make a mistake; we all learn and discover things through mistakes. In other words, if you tell your teacher that you think that any two lines intersect, you will not be ridiculed. Instead, we will help you strengthen your knowledge and discover new math areas where unexpected and unusual things happen.

If you are a friend of logic and problem solving, the University of Saint Francis is the place for you. Here you will develop and improve your mathematical abilities, while increasing your knowledge and understanding of concepts and their applications.

Upon your graduation, you will find a vast number of fields in real world where you can use your math background and the following skills:

After twenty years of domination of computer-related professions, according to last year's US & World News polls, the profession of mathematician is again in the list of ten most popular jobs in the USA. Currently, the U.S. is experiencing an acute shortage of qualified math educators, math researches, statisticians, actuaries, commodities traders, quantitative analysts and bank analysts, appraisers, designers, pollsters, epidemiologists, simulators, and other specialists with mandatory mathematical backgrounds.

By the way, math does not have to be your only interest. You may grow to combine math with other fields, such as biostatistics, computer game development, ethnomathematics, or criminology (have you seen the show NUMB3RS?). In addition, you will be free to form connections between math and the arts, music, literature - the disciplines ruled by harmony, symmetry, proportions, and of course, creativity.

Our program is open to students with strong mathematical and logical interests and abilities. It features integration between theoretical math and problem solving, providing a well-rounded preparation of future scientists, analysts, problem solvers, educators, etc. Inclusion of traditional components of successful math education as history of mathematics, logic, physics, and math applications in games and arts, as well as technology-based and problem-solving driven components makes our program more competitive and attractive than analogical programs.

We are anxious to see you in class.

Victor Kutsenok (Chair of the Math Department, Program Director) and Co. (Steve Born, Mitch Ellisen, John Reinoehl,...); Jacob Bernoulli, Leonard Euler, Maurits Escher, Pierre Fermat, Carl Gauss, Gottfried Leibnitz, Isaac Newton, Euclid & Pythagoras, Al Horesmi, ...(leading scientists)

Should you have any questions, please contact us at (260) 399-7700 x8237 or