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Departmental Book Orders

The quality of the Lee and Jim Vann Library is dependent, to a very large degree, upon the conscientious and responsible book ordering of faculty and their departments. The library allocates a portion of its book budget funds to each department using a distribution formula. In order to avoid duplication, build a balanced collection that supports the University curriculum, and stay within the Book Orders deadline, faculty members should follow these procedures and policies.

  1. All book orders may be submitted electronically to your departmental liaison. The online ordering form provides a template for information needed in order for us to process your book order.
  2. When you have completed a book order, please submit it electronically to your library liaison. 
  3. When the Free Balance figure on a department's Budget Summary Report is approximately $50.00, no further orders will be processed. This amount is reserved to cover any shipping costs, or surcharges that might not have been included when the order was placed. The library will monitor activity on each department’s budget. If the free balance near the end of the fiscal year does not reach $0.00, additional orders will be submitted. (See Importance of Book Orders deadline below.)
  4. After the Book Orders deadline has been reached, no further orders will be accepted from departments. If funds still remain for your department after the deadline, it will become the responsibility of your Library Liaison to spend those funds on your behalf. (See Importance of Book Orders deadline below)

For additional help, see Book Order FAQs or contact the library liaison for your department. The library liaison program provides USF faculty and staff members with a direct library contact for assistance with or for information about library services.

Importance of Book Orders deadline: To ensure the completion and arrival of all orders before the end of the current fiscal year, the library will not accept orders from departments after the Book Orders deadline. The Book Orders deadline for the 2013-2014 academic school year is February 14th. After this date, the librarian acting as your liaison will be responsible for spending any remaining funds. Orders received after the Book Orders deadline will not be processed until the new fiscal cycle begins in July.