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Book Order FAQs

Q: What is the order deadline?
A: The deadline for submitting orders is February 14th, 2014. Orders received after that date will not be processed and will be returned to the appropriate department

Q: How much money does my department have to spend on books this year?
A: Departmental allocations for the library’s budget have been reviewed by the Deans Council and sent to each Dean and Department Head. If you would like to know the current allocation balance for your Department, please contact Maureen McMahan (x.6059).

Q: What form do I use to submit a Departmental Book order?
A: All book orders should be submitted electronically to your library liaison. You may use an online ordering form similar to the one you see here (download the ordering template), however, a specific form is no longer required.

Q: How do I submit a book order?
A: After you have obtained approval from your Department Chair or Dean, you may submit your order directly to your library liaison.

Q: Can I submit marked catalogs or other order information along with the order form?
A: Yes. Please include any additional information that will help library staff to locate wanted items or to identify the specific edition, volume or year, etc. Please indicate on the order form that you will be sending these materials, and if you would like for them to be returned to you once your order has been processed.

Q: Can I request a forthcoming title (a title due to be published at a future date) if the date falls within the current budget year?
A: No. Publishing dates for forthcoming titles are not reliable, so the titles will not be ordered. All such requests will be returned to the Department and can be resubmitted in the next fiscal cycle.

Q: Can we use book money to purchase new journals?
A: No. There is a budget line for journal subscriptions, Requests for new journal titles should be sent to your library liaison. All requests will be held for future consideration until funds are made available.

Q: Can we purchase media for the library with allocated book funds?
A: Yes. Your Dean or Department Chair has received information from the library director indicating that funds are available from your library book allocation for media purchases. You may contact the appropriate person in your department for this information, or you may contact the Acquisitions Department (x.6059).

If you have questions about book orders not answered here or need other assistance, please contact Maureen McMahan (x.6059) or Karla Alexander (x.6060).