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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

Liberal StudiesLiberal Studies at the University of Saint Francis focuses on the formation of the “whole” student. The program fosters a sense of community around academics. In pursuing multiple areas of interest, students gain depth and breadth in their knowledge base, solid deductive reasoning, problem solving, reading and writing skills based on their range of studies.

The program provides flexibility for either a customized program encompassing two or more areas of study or a generalist approach to arts and sciences. Students will fulfill the general education requirements of the University exploring various courses in social and natural sciences, humanities, leadership, technology and math.

For the Bachelor's degree, students will explore and additional 45 credit hours in the liberal arts incorporating 21 credit hours in humanities and social sciences and 21 hours in biological, chemical or physical sciences and math. Beyond this, students have a generous 35 hours for electives to further explore liberal studies, add a minor or pursue additional interest, such as business.

The Associate's program requires 12 credit hours in each of two areas of study in addition to the general education curriculum.