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History and Social Sciences


A successful career in this field begins with a firm grounding in a Liberal Arts education. The major's core curriculum stresses student learning in such diverse areas as sociological theory, research methods, and the sutdy of class, race, religion, the environment, gender, crime, and justice. This broad array of courses allows students to shape their major while being broadly prepared for a wide range of professional fields after graduation.

The Sociology major is tightly interwoven into the fabric of the university community. All students will benefit from the University of Saint Francis' commitment to the importance of sociological issues that affect the local, national, and global community. As a Franciscan institution of higher learning, the University of Saint Francis will help students develop a deeper appreciation for the potential of sociology to create meaningful social change in broad areas like social justice, diversity, and conflict resolution.

The Sociology program offers an emphasis in both Criminology and Social Justice.

Sociology Major

33-36 Credit Hours
The Sociology major includes 12 hours in core courses, 12 hours from either of our two concentrations, 6 hours in related upper-level courses, and 3 + hours internship.

Core Courses
12 credit hours
Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, Research Methods, Statistics

Concentration Courses: Social Justice or Criminology
12 credit hours
Social Justice: Inequality/Class/Justice, Nature and Society, Self and Society, Sociology of Religion
Criminology: Causes of Crime, Criminal Justice Systems, Corrections, Contemporary Issues-Criminal Justice

Related Courses
6 credit hours
Any additional 300/400 level courses: Sociology, History, Political Science, Franciscan Studies, Theology/Philosophy

3-6 credit hours

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