Green Campus Initiative

What You Can Do At Home

Take Advantage of incentives and rebates!

Through their GridSmart program, Indiana Michigan Power is offering free hauling & recycling PLUS a $30 rebate checks to pick up your old refrigerator or freezer! Also, get instant discounts on Energy Star compact fluorescent lamps.

NIPSCO's 99 Ways to Conserve Energy

Properly Dispose of Medications

Recycle Fluorescent Lamps

They contain toxic, hazardous mercury. Many local locations:

Recycle Batteries

at many national chain stores including:

Recycle Electronics

Unwanted electronics amount to approximately 2 million tons of waste annually and it is unlawful to dispose of them in the municipal trash. Computer monitors and older TV picture tubes alone contain an average of four pounds of lead! Electronics can contain chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc, and brominated flame retardants. Millions of pounds of steel, glass, and plastic, and precious metals can be recovered by recycling electronics. Recycling also conserves natural resources, avoids the air and water pollution, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing new products.

You can recycle your electronics at the following locations:

1143 Fairview Avenue, Gate #7, Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Phone: (260) 449-7878
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am until 4:30pm and Saturday: 8am until 12 noon
Small fee applies based on type of electronics recycled

A Plus Computers - Parnell
4730 Parnell Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: 260-482-7899
$5 for monitors, no cost for all other computer components

A Plus Computers - Pine Valley
10250 Coldwater Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: 260-489-7711
$5 for monitors, no cost for all other computer components

Compost, don't trash yard waste!



Curb-side or at:


Recyclables can also be dropped off at:

Individual Responsibility


Ecology Corner

Our Ecology Corner offers some great tips on what you can to do help the planet.


Get Involved Today!

Contact the Green Campus Committee Chairperson Dr. Louise Weber.


Useful Links

We have listed a variety of links from the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County web sites to help you go green.