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School of Arts and Sciences Graduate Programs

Students in the School of Arts and Sciences learn through a blend of classroom, laboratory and practical experience. As one of our students, you will participate in a community of scholars whose goal is the development of the whole person, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. The relationships you will build with your professors through close, personal mentoring ensure that you realize your personal and professional goals.

If you have any questions about either of the programs offered by the School of Arts and Sciences, we encourage you to contact your graduate counselor.


Master of Arts in Theology

The Master of Arts in Theology is designed for those interested in pursuing a doctorate in theology, those who are interested in pastoral applications (youth ministry/religious education/teaching) or those interested in leavening their lives and the world with a deeper understanding of their faith.

The program reflects the commitment of USF to the faith and teachings of the Catholic Church.

The program consists of 21 semester hours of core courses and 15 credit hours concentrated in one of three areas: Moral Theology, Marriage and Family, or General Theology.