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English and Foreign Languages

About English and Foreign Languages

The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers courses in writing, literature and foreign languages, providing students with the best possible foundations in the basics of written and spoken English or a foreign language, together with the collary skills of reading and critical thinking.

The department offers student and alumni writers an outlet for their creative talents in APOSTROPHE, a literary magazine published annually during spring semester. In addition, senior English majors have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an English faculty member in a mutually-designed Reading/Research Senior Project.

Purpose Statement

The Department exists to provide the foundation for every USF student's educational framework. Central to its effectiveness is its multi-dimensional mission: 1) to promote and exemplify clear, critical and analytical thinking; 2) to promote and instruct the fundamentals of clear and effective writing; 3) to teach and demonstrate active reading; and 4) to foster a lifelong love of learning and an ongoing intellectual curiosity.