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Undergraduate FAQs

What kind of classes will I have to take and how many credits do I need to graduate?

The types of courses and number of credits you need vary according to your major. The minimum number of credit hours is 128 credit hours, but more may be required, depending on the major.

Do most students graduate in 4 years?

Graduation times vary according to the academic majors. Some students require addition time because of schedules or obligations. If students are directed to enroll in academic support classes or choose the All Grade Special Education program, it may take more than 4 years to graduate.

What is the average class size of USF Education courses?

Class sizes range from eight to twenty-five. Large classes are team taught by two professors to ensure personalized attention to you, the student.

How much time do students spend in the field?

Generally, students spend much of their time in the area schools. Time varies, depending on your major. Elementary education majors spend over 200 hours in the field before student teaching. Secondary education majors spend a minimum of 150 hours in the field before student teaching. Several elementary and secondary classes meet in schools where teacher education majors work with school-age children.

May education majors complete field experience hours in Catholic schools?

Yes, education majors have the option of completing field experience hours in Catholic and other parochial schools. Also, education majors must complete hours in public schools where they work with students from diverse backgrounds.

How can I pay for my education at USF?

What are Praxis tests and when should I take them?

Usually, the sooner you take the Praxis I tests after you graduate from high school, the better your chance of passing them. Education majors must take Praxis I before they begin EDUC 201, Practicum in Teaching. Once you near completion of your program, you should take the appropriate Praxis II tests to qualify for your teaching license(s).

What clubs and activities offered at USF?

The university offers numerous clubs and sports. All education majors are members of Educators In Action (EIA), a service-activity-professional development club. EIA holds a variety of events throughout the academic year.

Will the university help me find a job after I graduate?

Yes, the Office of Career Services assists graduates in securing teaching positions. Also, through contacts you make during field placements and relationships you build with professors, you will learn about job opportunities to pursue.

Whom do I contact if I have other questions?

If you have questions about any of our Education programs, please contact either Kathleen Lotter, or Staci Mathias. They will direct you to the appropriate resource person in the Department.