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Teacher Licensing

The teacher licensing programs at the University Saint Francis (USF) is an option for candidates who have earned a Bachelor Degree in a non-education field as well as licensed teachers who wish to add additional subjects to their license. Official transcripts from all prior college coursework will be evaluated to determine the remaining courses required for the specific teaching license.

Candidates wishing to license in mild intervention have the option to complete the required courses in the traditional undergraduate program or in the online graduate program.  Intense intervention is only available in the graduate online option.  There is also an option to complete a combined elementary education and mild intervention license.  Graduate licensing course work may be applied toward a Master of Science in Education.

An additional 18 credit hour program called Transition to Teaching is also available for candidates who already have bachelor’s degrees in Art and would like to teach middle or high school Art.

To determine if any of your previous course work may apply toward licensing, contact Maureen McCon, the USF Licensing Advisor at or (260) 399-7700 ext. 8415. The Licensing Advisor serves as a liaison between University of Saint Francis students and the Office of Educator Licensing and Development, the state licensing agency in Indiana.

Licensure Areas Available at USF

All Grade Programs:

Elementary Education

Middle / Secondary Education Programs:

1.          Submit proof of your Adult and Child CPR/Heimlich Maneuver Certification to the Licensing Advisor at the University of Saint Francis.