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Pope John Paul II Center Clocktower

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Department of Education Accreditation

Comprehesive Assessment Tracking Chart - Candidate

Comprehesive Assessment Tracking Chart - Program

Comprehesive Assessment Tracking Chart - Unit

Conceptual Framework - 2003 - 2008

Conceptual Framework - 2009

Conceptual Framework Aligned with University Goals and Outcomes

Conceptual Framework Diversity Related Proficiencies

Course Matrix Chart - Baccalaureate

Course Matrix Chart - Exceptional Needs

Course Matrix Chart - School Counseling

Curriculum Alignment Matrices - Baccalaureate

Curriculum Alignment Matrices - Exceptional Needs

Curriculum Alignment Matrices - School Counseling

Five-Year Plan

School of Professional Studies Mission Statement

UAS Review Plan with Conceptual Framework Assessment Cycle

University of Saint Francis Institutional Goals and Outcomes