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Department of Education

Staci Mathias

smathias@sf.eduStaci Mathias
260-399-7700 x 8409


Unit Assessment System Manager

The UAS Manager assists the Department of Education Chair with daily tasks to ensure the department runs smoothly and efficiently. The UAS Manager supports the chair and faculty in the accreditation of the department’s 11 programs as well as the the social work department's undergraduate program and psychology department’s graduate program in school counseling. This includes managing data and information on students as they progress through their programs and compiling data for institutional, state, and federal reporting. The UAS Manager also maintains, TaskStream, a data management system and e-portfolios. She provides training sessions for students and faculty. TaskStream is utilized to store assignments and evaluations, aligned to program outcomes. The data collected from TaskStream assists the department in making program changes and supports accreditation of all programs.

Academic Background


Presentation to the Indiana Association of Colleges of Teacher Education – October 2010

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